Pothole Repair

The aim is to provide better quality roads &
reduce congestion by repairing the potholes

Pothole Repair

Roads are an important contribution in the economic development of any nation. Continuous & increasing traffic amongst various other reasons are responsible potholes on the roads. This results in to traffic congestion or slowing down of traffic whichdisrupts the day to day routine of people. APCCI is addressing this issue by repairing the potholes. The movement has received good participation from common people who can send a picture of the potholes which is further repaired. The aim is to provide better quality roads & reduce congestion.


The APCCI will focus on supporting the Pune Municipal Corporation with collection of street waste. Initiatives undertaken in this direction will include:

  • To deliver a strong seamless Joint, operators scarify an area 50mm in from the repair edge. This ensures integrity of the heated thermal joint between new and existing material. No material is taken from the repair; everything is recycled in situ, resulting in no waste or landfill.

  • High grade enriched emulsion is added to the repair area. This is evenly mixed through the recycled material to deliver a consistent and even exposure. This recoats the recycled aggregate increasing bitumen content in new materials levels.

  • BBA HAPAS approved material is supplied in 25kg bags for ease of use and is fed to and from the on board hot box's New material is heated to 100°C before being transferred to the repair area. Sufficient levels of material are added to create a level repair following compaction.

  • An Infrared Thermometer is used to check the temperature of the repair ares, material temperature should be between 70-100°C to provide the best compaction conditions.

  • Compaction equipment is specified in line with the repair area requirements. All edges are rolled first to create a mechanic interlock with the surrounding surface. A skilled operator assesses the result areas compaction requirements to complete high quality and level repair.