About Us

Pune is the first city to adopt this Initiative. Today we have 170 trucks/ machines and 300 employees for managing this activity covering more than 400 kms of roads in Pune (roughly half the city).

An initiative to make cities more livable

Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative is an environmentally sustainable initiative, undertaken by Serum Institute of India and Mr. Adar Poonawalla as a contribution towards social responsibility.

His vision for the clean city began in 2014 when he found garbage piling up and being dumped across the city. He realized that if India’s image had to be improved a drastic change would be required with good management, local government support and substantial funding. He has pledged to fund in his capacity Rs. 100 C. for this initiative.

Role of APCCI

The APCCI will focus on supporting the Pune Municipal Corporation with collection of street waste. Initiatives undertaken in this direction will include:

  • Installing of litter bins at strategic / high traffic locations across the city
  • Support vehicles and manpower for clearance of litter from litter bins
  • Litter picking from foothpaths.
  • Clearing of chronic waste dumping spots across the city.
  • Information and outreach programs to educate citizens regarding importance of segregation of waste and disposal using waste / litter bins
  • Activation programs in association with PMC at school, mohalla committee, residential societies, market places amongst others.

Equipments used to drive this Initiative.

The APCCI is deploying state of the art equipments to drive this initiative. These machines are not the conventional one’s used in India to address waste issue. These are state of the art machines specifically designed to do the job effortlessly and within a short span of time.

Long-term Vision

Pune is the first city to adopt the Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative. While this is a first step towards achieving the vision of making cities livable, the initiatives long term goal is to ensure that more and more cities adopt it to make Urban India becomes cleaner, greener and healthier.


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